13266105_10209548721345273_7003901622730715544_nSome people do not get to change their live’s and make a small dream come true at the same time. For Shane Perrin and T.J. Holman this dream is coming true and I “TJ” am about to change my life thanks to the friendship of Shane.

This adventure is going to start with the building of a Stand Up Paddleboard. The SUP industry is exploding in popularity but the SUP industry does not cater to folks that want to get into the sport who are on the “Bigger Side” . This is where we are wanting to make the change.

Shane Perrin is the Owner of SUP St Louis has recently offered me the chance to become  healthier and more fit by building me a paddleboard that will allow me to share the love of paddling and show people that no matter what size they are they can get into the sport to. I have been thinking and dreaming of ways that I can make my life an adventure and get healthy while doing it. Shane has made this dream come true.

We are going to document the entire journey from the building of the board to the changes I make and this website will keep you up to date with this journey. We want everyone to be able to contact us and ask us questions on what we are doing and how we are doing it. As you can see we are fun spirited and this journey will be full of laughs and crazy adventures.


And now the whole story:

In December of 2015 my life changed when my mother passed away from a brain aneurysm. It was like someone ripped my heart out and beat the shit out of me with it. I would not believe that in her early 60’s I would not even be able to say goodbye to my own mother. Shortly after her funeral, I realized, how in the hell was I going to make a living, My wife and I worked for her company. Both of our incomes came from working for my mother. Then, my giant tax bill came “kick in the head”, I had owed back taxes because, well, I am not an accountant. As I was getting all this crap taken care of more shit piled up on me. Dad had a heart attack “he is ok now”, and of course the weight gain. Yes, in all the depression and all the crap going on in my life I was gaining weight because I just ate my feelings. Many other things snowballed on me throughout 2016, hole in roof, busted rain gutters, wet walls in the house, yeah, complete shit storm. But, that is all petty things that only caused speed bumps in the already shitty year.  Around the middle of May, I gave my friend Shane Perrin a phone call to just talk to him about stuff, to help me get my mind off of things. Shane is a very motivational and inspirational person, so I knew he would cheer me up. I told him about everything going on in my life and he listened. It was then that he told me that he wanted to help me change my life for the better. Like I said above, he was going to build me a paddle board that had the capability to hold my weight and he was going to train me to become an ultra distance paddler. I was floored that someone would want to help me do this. Not only did he say he would build me a board, he said it would be an honor. While in shock we decided to name this board “Makuahine'” which means Mother in Hawaiinn. My getting healthy was going to be in memory of my mother. Three reasons we did this, one, It was my mother and a great way to honor her, two, it was going to be the mother of all SUP boards ” 13.6Lx36w” and three, if I did not get my butt in shape my mother would most likely send a lightening bolt down across my arse……