TJ Holman

Shane Perrin

Two Board Dudes has grown to a dysfunctional family of paddlers and adventurers. Our goal is to spread the love of paddling around the country, especially Stand Up Paddleboarding. We hope you enjoy our blog post’s and photos as the 2017 season is about to start. Our second goal is to change people’s lives by showing them a life outside of the living room. There is so much beauty on this big round ball and we plan to explore it, if we change some lives on the way then we have fulfilled our dream.

Starting out, Two Board Dudes was just a little blog about one friend offering to help change the life of another. Since starting this adventure I “TJ” have met a few people along the way that I am proud to call my second family. Shane “the other dude” captains this ship of dysfunctional misfits and SUP Pirates. At any given time some of us are together exploring waterways, entering SUP races or just paddling around some islands. Once a year we get together for the MR340, a grueling 340 miles of paddling on the Missouri River from Kansas City to St Louis. We support each other and push each other to achieve our goal…….. Finish the damn race. Four days of heat, bugs and barges can take a toll on some people, with us it’s just another float trip, a really long float trip. When the race is over we all head back to our towns, some as far as South Florida and as far north as Wisconsin. Throughout the year some of us get together to help each other work events, more races, and good old fun floats. If one of us is needed by another, we are there. Like I said before, this is a family. We are a different type of adventure group, most of our trips consist of weekend floats, small races and fishing trips. I said fishing because we have “A RON” and he likes to spend his days outside of the family fishing on the Great Lakes and lakes of Wisconsin.

Shane and I are proud ambassadors for:

This company has given us the opportunity to use the most advanced and affordable paddles on the market. They share our stories support all of our adventures. Shane and I would like to thank AquaBound and Bending Branches for this great honor.