While trying to get all of the little details buttoned up and as we approach opening day of Show Me SUP I am trying to network with other businesses and come up with new ideas that we can introduce to stand up paddleboarding. A couple weeks ago I realized that there is two things that would go great together, SUP & Beer. I reached out to White River Brewing here in Springfield Mo, White River Brewing is a small craft brewery with the heart of a paddler,in fact, most of their beers are named with the rivers and paddling in mind. With beers like Gravel Bar IPA and Table Rock Red and White Creek Whit, how could SUP and Beer NOT go together like peanut butter and jelly?

After I sent them a message a cheery lil lady by the name of Hailey replied to my message and after a little bit of chat about who I am and what Show Me SUP was she instantly wanted to involve SUP and Beer somehow. The first idea we are going to be offering our clients and White River Patrons is a twist on yoga……enter Beer-SUP-Yoga. This will be a new addition to their already popular beer yoga. Yes, we have figured out how to marry three of the most popular trends, Craft Beer, Yoga and SUP into one activity of awesomeness. Plans and dates are still in the works but we will be offering it early summer. If that is not crazy enough we are working on a winter project “Waterless Beer-SUP-Yoga”.

Locations for on water Beer-SUP-Yoga will vary however, Rock Lane Resort in Branson Mo will most likely host many of our events involving White River. Rock Lane carries several of White Rivers beers so it is only fitting we find a source of beer like spring to a river.


Outside of the paddling world, White River has a huge calendar of events you can attend all year including their large event Summer Fest. 

Then, of course, you have WRoga, meaning yoga and a beer. This class is at 12 pm on Saturdays with two amazing yoga instructors followed by “Amazinger” Beer. Click Here

On top of all the events at White River Brewing just stopping in for a pint will put you in a feel-good vibe. All the patrons are down to earth, chatty and super cool. And on the weekends you will find some of Springfield’s best live entertainment. Click Here


Last but not least…………….. The food, the food is out of this world and they don’t even serve food, but Skully’s Food Truck in the back lot does. That’s right, Skully Asian fusion super awesome food truck will pump you out some amazeballs aka Crab beignet Balls with an amazing Cream cheese dip. I am excited to try everything else on their menu very soon

For a party in your mouth




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