I have been blessed to have a job where I get to see some pretty cool places. When I am out of town obtaining new customers and calling on existing I prefer to camp when its an over night trip. Hotels are nice and especially nice in the dead of summer when air conditioning is wanted and cherished. However, right now “Fall” is a perfect time to camp out and Big Springs and Alley Springs in Mark Twain National Forest is top notch. I was in Van Buren Missouri which is south central and east in the state. The Popular rivers that run through and around the area is Current River and Jacks Fork.


I found a simple and primitive campsite that was clean and cleared. It even had a Hanging post for your lantern and a large fire pit with a grill grate. So okay, not so primitive, but very simple and clean. After driving around the forest all day stopping at Outfitters and Campgrounds I was dead tired so I set up a simple camp. I wanted to sleep in my hammock but there was rain in the forecast so I chose to sleep in the bed I have made in my Tahoe. I cooked a little dinner and then crawled into bed and just listened to the sounds around me.

Waking up to a fresh cool rain I crawled out of bed and cooked a little oatmeal and sat and enjoyed the fresh air. The rain stopped soon enough for me to take a walk and check out the area I chose to stay in. As I was walking I came upon this absolutely beautiful spring, it was Big Spring. Pumping out 136 million gallons of water per day I was in awe. It looked like something out of old times in England or Scotland or something. The moss and slick rock with cobblestone pathways leading right up to the Spring and Cave. I could not believe this beauty was just a short walk from where I slept.


I know that I built this site to show people my progress in weight loss and the progress on me venturing into the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding but, I thought some happy post’s about adventures in my career would be cool. The ability to do what I love, what I am good at and see natural every day has even helped me in getting healthier. If I would have stayed in a hotel or camper I would not have got up out of bed and went for a walk that ended up being about a mile and a half. Every little bit or physical activity I can do is something I never use to do.

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