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Just Wear It………. Please

This post I have been wanting to write since I seen a Facebook Post by Scott Mansker who organizes the MR340 Kayak race but, this applies to every paddler whether your in the race or you are just a recreational… Continue Reading →

Winter SUP

When the winter blues set’s in you think, damn I wish summer was here so I could go for a paddle. Well, you might call some people crazy for wanting to go on the water on a stand up paddleboard… Continue Reading →

SUP Hooligans – Ep 1

FRIENDS, Big Bang Theory, Jersey Shore, these shows and many more like it entertain you by giving you a look into a group of friends that laugh, joke, comfort and play. Most people in life will have a close group… Continue Reading →

Hufstedler’s Canoe & Kayak Rentals Part 1.

I thought it would be fitting to highlight Hufstedler’s Canoe and Kayak Rental in the first and what is to be many post’s about outfitters we like. These will be based off each one of our personal experience and how… Continue Reading →

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