Shane Perrin – St Louis – Pro Paddler – Ultra distance paddler, Shane kinda has it made, he is the owner of SUP St Louis, which teaches paddleboarding, SUP Yoga, SUP 101 and rentals. Like above, he is the captain of this ship and he is usually the one getting us into our next adventure. Whether it be a 340 mile race down a mighty river or a simple trip to the grocery store, Shane always has something going on. Shane holds world records in 24 hour distance paddles and as of 2016 he was one of two fellers that started a 24 hour Hobie Eclipse Pedal driven SUP Board Rally. Shane also likes to circumnavigate the Caribbean islands in his free time “because that’s normal” . Most importantly, Shane is responsible for pulling me out of my depression and setting me on a path to good health and SUP.

TJ Holman “me” – Kayaker – Not So Pro Paddler, I have spent most of my life on the Mississippi River, so when someone says the words FLOAT TRIP I am like a kid in a candy store. Every chance I get I try to be on the water in my kayak or on my boat and now my SUP board. I am not what you would call a small man. Over the years gravity and outward physics have made me a bigger feller, but that is changing. In 2017 I will be part of the 8 man SUP team on the MR340. This will be the biggest challenge of my life, and if I can finish the race I will know that I can conquer anything put in my way. Unless it’s puppies, puppies are my weakness.


Phil Rodway “Philocookie” – St Louis – Pro Paddler is our quiet brother, he comes out sometimes in our message board and says hello and then he vanishes. He is a 340 veteran as of this year and will enter the 340 in 2017. We really don’t know what he does in his spare time but he is always dressed nice…….

Ron Abel – Wisconsin – Fisherman – Kitchen Bitch and paddler. Ron is from up north where you can’t paddle all year. We will someday get Ron to move from the ice to an area he and stroke a paddle all year. He caught the paddling bug when he ground crewed with Brenda and I last year. He will be our ground crew for the 2017 race again promising us that he will paddle in the 2018 race.

James Crawford – Canoist – “wants to be pro paddler” – James hails from the great city of Lebanon Missouri, where boats are made but the water is 30 miles away. James was a volunteer for the 340 committee until we kidnapped him. James spent his days in the 2016 race in the water helping paddlers to shore and shove off. If you came into shore in a bad mood or a little grumpy, James made sure you arrived with a smile and left with one. He is sort of our family jester. A church man James spends his “Off Adventure Days” being a dad, a drummer for his church and a happy guy.

We all love dogs, so it goes without saying, we are kind of The Wet Dog Paddlers. All of our dogs live for the water, except for Boone “Shane’s Dog” Boone will ride a paddleboard but won’t touch the water, kinda weird but we love him. When we are all together you can see what true friendship is, it is the happiest times of our lives because we get to do what we love with the people we care about.