I thought it would be fitting to highlight Hufstedler’s Canoe and Kayak Rental in the first and what is to be many post’s about outfitters we like. These will be based off each one of our personal experience and how they stand out.

Hufstedler’s Canoe & Kayak Rental

Now this may sound like a thank you type post or a advertisement for Hufstedler’s but, it really is not. Even though they just bought a ton of new boats from Ozark Mountain Trading. What makes them stand out to me is the humble nature of the family that owns it. A few month’s ago Wendy and Mike ordered 4 canoes and 4 tandem Kayaks from OMTC and when they arrived I delivered them out to Hufstedler’s. When I arrived I was greeted by Wendy and Mike and you could feel how excited they were to take ownership of these new rental boats. Though this was not a large order from a rental company but it was a great start introducing fresh boats to the massive fleet they had. When talking to them I felt the passion they had about making their living by showing people the beautiful Eleven Point River. I have been to some pretty large and fancy outfitters and you feel like your just a dollar sign to them. Get in, get out and give me your money type place’s. Not Hufstedler’s, I was in today delivering 25 brand new Jackson Kayaks and they had a customer in the shop and how Mike and Wendy talked to them I could sense they were treating him like a human and not a computer entry. The Customer asked when the Friday put in times would be and Mike answered an easy answer. He said “when you get up here we will get you to the river”. Now, they run a strict put in schedule when it’s peak time ie.. Weekends but this customer was in on a Thursday and was treated with a happy laid back attitude. Your not on the river to get in a hurry so why not relax and let the staff get you to relaxing at your own pace.

Now this will sound like an advertisement, because it is…… Wendy and Mike Just brought in 4 new Mad River Canoes, 4 Perception Tandem Kayaks and 25 Jackson Riviera’s. on top of the fleet they already have. The new Jackson kayaks are going to be the hot ticket kayak to rent because they are stable, high capacity and great tracking kayaks that you can beat the shit out of and they will still look great. Mix that with the comfort of the Mad River Canoes and you have one hell of a way to enjoy the Eleven Point.

In the next few month’s I will be making some trips out to Hufstedler’s to check out the campgrounds and obviously SUP the Eleven Point. I am super excited to experience this beautiful river by SUP.



Hufstedler’s is located on the Eleven Point River in Alton Missouri

RR 1 Box 1280
Riverton, Missouri
(417) 778-6116
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