Few people are lucky enough to say they “Truly Love Thier Job”, some folks may like what they do, but they would not say it is their dream job and some people just dread getting up in the morning and going to a place that gives them money for a solid day work then they go home ‘rinse and repeat”. I was recently blessed with a career that I would say is 99% of what I would call my dream job. I will save the 1% for later in the post.

I work for a company based out of Garfield Arkansas, a tiny little town butted right up next to one of the fastest growing areas in the country “Rogers, Bentonville Arkansas. Ozark Mountain Trading company was founded by two brothers over a decade ago. And in that short time, they have grown to 4 stores with one of those stores being Ozark Missouri, which is the store I am out of. It was my love of kayaking that brought me to this career. I was jobless after my mother passed away in 2015, she owned the company I worked for as well as my wife. one day I went into OMTC to get an accessory for my kayak and it was at that time fate came into my life. I asked Jaden, one of the store managers if they were hiring. He had told me that they were looking for part-time summer help and they would love to have me on board. Within a few months and some hot ass days in a kayak shop, I was asked by Bruce and Larry “owners” if I would be interested in a new position they created. They told me it was a fleet and outside sales management position, my jaw dropped. I was just offered a job where I get to travel to rivers, lakes, and streams and sell the love of paddling. For a boy that grew on rivers and lakes, this was a dream job. Well to me it was 99% my dream job. The missing 1% would be the job I currently have but, traveling around the country marketing and promoting the company as well as adventuring “kayaking” in the boats we sell. As you know this site is about two dudes taking adventures and helping each other in health and spirit, so it goes without saying that this job would and hopefully will add that 1% to my dream of achieving the perfect job for me.

Every day I get to wake up, have my coffee and check some emails all the while I am smiling because I know when I leave to got to work it is doing something I love. To repeat above, I get to sell the love of paddling and travel to places just in these two states and see some of the most beautiful country in the world. I truly mean that, The Ozark Mountains and the rivers that thread through them are some of the most beautiful places in the world. I am blessed to have it all in my back yard. My work environment is chill, but very productive, at times we do have to unload boats from trailers but I seem to even do that with a smile. The guys I work with are some of the coolest guys anyone could ask to work for. Every one of us eat, breathe and sleep water and the outdoors so that makes what I do, that much better.

“They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”

Trade Show’s use to suck

For six year prior to working at OMTC I worked for my mother who owned a Budget Blinds franchise. Ok, so it was nice working for your mom, you get days off you want, you plan your own schedule and, well, you work for your mom. It was pretty so, but at that time I liked who I worked for, but I despised the job. I mean come on, a river rat installing blinds, no way in hell was that my dream job. The worst part about the job was the home and trade shows we did. 8 to 10 hours of standing on your feet in a hot convention center talking to people about fancy stuff for their home. This was NOT for me. All the set up and tear down, eating convention center food and repeating your self one hundred times a day. What made it bearable was, I was working with my mom.

This weekend was my first trade show with OMTC, and it was over to fast. I had an amazing time talking to people about life on the water and rivers they like, they asking about the rivers I like, favorite fishing holes and everything in between. It was hard work loading in all of the boats we had on display knowing we would have to load them back up after the show, but that didn’t even bother me. With the crew we had it made it fun and it really didn’t seem like work. So, working my dream job at trade show most certainly did not suck. I am looking forward to the next show in Feb.

2017 Springfield RV & Boat Show

Like I said before this was my first trade show event with OMTC and even though I have worked many trade shows I learned a lot about how this form of boat show works. Less rules, less snooty people and some pretty cool booths with the latest campers, boats and outdoor products. I arrived a few minutes early to make sure everything was set up and Jason and I and the Pro staff team got a chance to get to know each other some more. As the doors opened and the people started coming up to our booth we had the chances to show people cool new products that had never been seen before, talk to them about the types of fishing, DIY set ups that use and much more. Having so many different companies to choose from it’s our job to show them what they need and or want in a kayak or canoe or SUP board. 75% of what we do is mainly fishing rigs and the rest whitewater and Rec boating. Another benefit of this career is we get to take out all the new boats and learn them and play in them so we have the ability to tell customers first had how the boat floats, paddles and reacts. We also get the awesome chances to take out customers out on the water in the boats they want to try. To see the smiles on people faces when they have been looking at a certain boat for a long time and we tell them we will meet them at the river to try it out is priceless. I met a few people that will be calling me to set up private demos for them and they will be some of the first people to try a couple of our new boat in the area. We also were glad to visit with existing customers as well, it’s humbling to hear the stories they tell about the fun they had on a trip and you know they you had a hand in making that trip memorable for them.


I am not the type of person you would call a motivational speaker, One, I try to better my life and hope people follow that so i can show anyone that they can find happiness in a career but it does take some sacrifice. TWO, I would not make a good motivational speaker because I would be compared to Chris Farley, and I really would like to live in a van by a river with me, my wife, and my dogs and just spend time outside exploring things we have not seen. What I am trying to get at is, alot has changed in my life over the past year and 3 months and it has all came to me so fast that I think people assume i’m nuts. In the past year I have began to look at my future and where I want to see myself. I refuse to be in a recliner in 20 years and look back and regret what I did not do with my life. I have started to find emotional healing on the water and when I camp. I am starting to take better care of the planet I am on and around each day and do a little of my part to help. I don’t know why all this spiritual mother nature stuff has pounded it’s way into my head the past 12 months but it feels good and I have been happier.

Am I getting rich at this career, No, but it is something I love to do and if I can smile when I wake every day and realize I love my job it is worth it. It allows me to pay my bills and be on the water and I am happy with that. If you want to start living happy you have to make some sacrifices, and they suck. Going from a high paying job or a higher paying job that allows you to buy more STUFF and have fancy cars and big houses to not spending money on a fancy car, not going to fancy places to eat, not buying stuff you you realize that your missing out on a ton of life. If the job you have dreamt about is a job you would love to have but it just won’t make you money or get you rich you really should say screw it and do it. Once you simplify your life and narrow it down to the stuff you need all your want’s won’t matter anymore. You will want to go outside more, you will want to paddle a river, you will want to go for a hike. All this simplifying will make that dream job come true. Here’s a no quote from me

“man/women who die with life stuff and enjoyed a better life, WINS”

It’s true I have a house with stuff, but I am working on getting ride of the stuff I don’t need or want and eventually will be left with a clean spacious house and will be able to take this house and turn it into an adventure and sell it and live simply. Many people are taking to the van and rv and tiny house life and we would like to do the same. I am not saying we are going to build a 300 square foot house and live tiny, no, we want to build a home that is small but functional for an active life that we are trying to get into. A simple 2 bedroom house and living room/ kitchen. This would allow us to take care of less and spend more time living life. That saturday you spend fixing door knobs or painting a wall could have been spent outside on a river. That second living room or third bedroom getting cleaned could have been time on a hike. We want to shrink our lives down to what we truly need and a space big enough to function without have wasted space. All this in turn will lead us to a happier life, and that’s when you truly get to say “LIFE’S GOOD”

I hope to keep up to date on blog posts a little better than I have, and hope to learn to write better posts instead of ramblings. Two Board Dudes has kind of turned into an adventure in life type of website. We will be posting SUP races and events and our trips once the waters warm up and the days stay sunnier.

Tell me in the comments how you would simplify your life if you could. Not one person is the same.

Paddle On ! ! ! 

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