With all the negativity on social media these days it is nice to be able to find groups in social media that cater to what you like to do, eat, cars and sports, etc… One of the groups I belong to is the MR 340 group on Facebook. If you have read past blog posts on this site you might know that the MR340 is a race from Kansas City to St Louis Missouri. With over 4500 members you can learn pretty much everything you need to know about long distance paddling especially long distance racing. Every once in a while people will post something that is just enlightening, it might not even have anything to do with paddling but it just makes you smile. A while back I was in an exceptionally good mood and I drove by a compact car in a Walmart parking lot that had a 17ft canoe on the roof. It did not have racks, just a couple pieces of foam, a couple straps and some hope. This sparked me to ask a question in the group of “Show me your long boats on little cars”. Buoy oh Buoy the photos and comments started rolling in and it made me smile and I am pretty sure it made anyone who read the thread smile too.

Paddlers are a different breed, they will do anything with anything to get their boat to the water. This thread proves you do not need a truck, “although some photos are of trucks”, you don’t need expensive racks, you just need a little bit of creativity and like I said earlier….. HOPE. In a race like the 340 or any long distance journey using a paddle, or in some cases “pedal” having a longer skinnier boat makes the journey easier and less exertive. I am not saying you can’t do the 340 or a long journey in a 10ft boat trust me some folks have completely surprised everyone with what they have paddled. But, for the most part, long and sleek “touring” or “race” style boats are what folks choose. With that comes some very interesting ways they get them to the water. Out of that thread sparked this little feel good blog post to show some of you the lengths “no pun intended” that people with go through to haul their boats. It is pretty damn funny and creative.

Here is a fun little photo gallery of the photos sent in to me I hope you enjoy and get a laugh or two out of it and possibly inspire you to get on the water no matter what means of transportation you have.

As you can see, pretty much no length of boat or type of car or truck will stop a hard core paddler from getting to the water. I would like to thank everyone who sent me these photos credit’s below.

Bryan Hopkins, Andy Richardson, Brad Daniels, Jacob Simon, L.A. Kelly, James Crawford, Mark Hodges, Shane Perrin, Jerico Lefort, Patrick McCarthy, Dee Landau, Thim Theil, Alissa Bonadonna Sebastian.


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