Monday, the 20th of March, it was a “brisk” 93 degrees, the water was cool and the day was met with some new friends. Since getting my board from Shane I have spent almost every day with at lease and hour and half of paddle time before sunset. Well, Monday was a chance to be on the water for an entire day and in doing so, met some new friends. Jacob and Jennifer who own Paddle38  a SUP rental company on Bull Shoals lake in Branson Mo, invited me down for a day of paddling and relaxing. It was an insane 93 degrees on a March day and it was some much-needed sun soaking.

Jen and I had been emailing back and forth about me coming down to show off Hobie’s new Mirage Eclipse paddle boards to her and her husband. After a reschedule of dates this Monday turned out to the perfect day to let Jen and Jacob give the Hobie’s a try. I think they really enjoyed this new technology and as Jennifer said “It’s a heck of a workout”. Jacob found out pretty quick that the 10.5ft board turns pretty sharp, sharp enough to give him a 55 degree lake bath.

Jennifer and Jacob are prime examples of why I am in love with the world of SUP. They own 38 Paddle on Bull Shoal’s lake just outside of Branson Missouri. It is located at a cool little marina called K-Dock. It is nowhere near the size of the some marina’s on Table Rock lake, making it a much more peaceful and relaxed environment. Now, I do love Port of Kimberling and love having my boat there, but anymore you can’t go very far before running into houseboat and wake board waves. Bull Shoals is a little more on the tame side and the scenery is beyond awesome. 38Paddle is surrounded by beaches and cliffs and at one time a Goat. During the entire day we may have seen 5 boats pass us while we went for a paddle. This makes learning how to SUP much easier and enjoyable for beginners. Jen and Jacob explained that they give people instruction and even tag-a-long for a little bit just to make sure they’re customers are comfortable and safe. As I sat on the dock talking to them I learned very quickly how much they love the sport of SUP and how much they want to spread the love of it. They truly love teaching people how to Stand Up Paddle Board and I think with this attitude they have towards the world of SUP and the love of teaching it you will see some pretty cool things come out of 38 Paddle. 

I just had to write a little blog post to brag on my new friends in the SUP world. It was a much needed day off on the water. I would like to thank Jennifer and Jacob for their hospitality and the little tour of Bull Shoals lake, I will be spending a lot more time on that lake.


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