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I’m Nick Foley and I live in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER

Well, if some of you follow my instagram page you will notice a ton fo van photos being posted. Well, that’s because I bought a van, an adventure van. “Vanny Devito” as it has been named was purchased for 1900.00 dollars… Continue Reading →

SUP The Mag

I have talked about how some things that are going on with me in the SUP world are humbling, well, last week was no exception. Phil White from Sup the Mag published a feature article on Shane and I. I… Continue Reading →

Throw things at them and bring explosives and they will listen…. I hope

Okay, Maybe not real explosives but, the Ozark Middle School outdoors class received a lesson on how inflatable PFD’S work, as well as a few other things. Before summer started Diane Luttrell, Ozark Middle School PE, Health, and Outdoor teacher… Continue Reading →

It feels good, not gonna lie

For those of you that have read anything I have posted over the last year, that ups and downs I have had and finishing the 340 I have noticed something in the past month and a half. People are recognizing… Continue Reading →

We won’t let you quit

Ladon Atkinson came into light at Glasgow on the MR340, he came upon us like most paddlers did on the race. As usual, we said hey in our enthusiastic voices and Madison with his now signature “SUP! ! ! ”… Continue Reading →

Klondike to Finish Line – MR 340 Part 3

Between Hermann and Washington, I was the weak link, I had to lay down and take a rest. Although I trained for a year and lost all this weight, I was nowhere near that shape everyone else was. My body… Continue Reading →

And we are off, The MR340 Part 2 – Kaw Point to Klondike

Ok, this is where things get a little blurry to me and my memory fails a bit. I was in such a haze because I could not believe I even made it to the start of this race, that everything started… Continue Reading →

Endings with new beginnings, The MR340 Part 1

Well, the MR340 has come and gone and it has totally changed my life just like all the veterans said it would. The friends I seen and the new ones I met will forever be in my heart and I… Continue Reading →

Hufstedler’s Canoe & Kayak Rentals Part 1.

I thought it would be fitting to highlight Hufstedler’s Canoe and Kayak Rental in the first and what is to be many post’s about outfitters we like. These will be based off each one of our personal experience and how… Continue Reading →

I guess I am crazy – Part 1

Well, it’s really here and I am really doing it. In 23 short days, I will be subjecting myself to Bug’s, Heat, No sleep, and Barges. The MR 340 is almost here and I am getting excited, even after watching… Continue Reading →

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