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Hufstedler’s Canoe & Kayak Rentals Part 1.

I thought it would be fitting to highlight Hufstedler’s Canoe and Kayak Rental in the first and what is to be many post’s about outfitters we like. These will be based off each one of our personal experience and how… Continue Reading →

I guess I am crazy – Part 1

Well, it’s really here and I am really doing it. In 23 short days, I will be subjecting myself to Bug’s, Heat, No sleep, and Barges. The MR 340 is almost here and I am getting excited, even after watching… Continue Reading →

River Jam 2017

The 2017 River Jam at Finley River park in Ozark Missouri has come and gone and I think it was a success. The day was clear and sunny and even though it was a bit on the warm side an… Continue Reading →

After Work SUP in the Ozarks

You can read hundreds of blog posts, books, and magazines about how beautiful the Ozarks is, and this is pretty much another one of them. For some of us, we eat, breathe, and sleep the rivers that the Ozark Mountains has… Continue Reading →

It all started with foam and ended with foam

As a kid growing up in a river town you can automatically assume that the river would run through his blood. This happens to be the case for me. Since I was a baby, my summer weekends consisted of boat… Continue Reading →

Sup Euphoria & Brand Love & People

After a week and a half off the water due to heavy rains and severe flooding Monday May 8th could not have been a better day off. It was so perfect that I lost track of time. Before I knew… Continue Reading →

Last Place is First place

I have been reading some post’s on Facebook about people who want to enter a SUP race asking how to do better than last place, what if I am last, I’m 50 and everyone else is younger than me. They seem… Continue Reading →

New SUP friend’s

Monday, the 20th of March, it was a “brisk” 93 degrees, the water was cool and the day was met with some new friends. Since getting my board from Shane I have spent almost every day with at lease and… Continue Reading →

Well, I entered the MR340, and some people doubt

Well, I finally entered, I entered the MR340. This is a little scary and exciting all at the same time. Being one of the world’s longest paddle races and I am not one of the world’s best athletes, but somehow… Continue Reading →

Chainsaw’s and SUP

Sunday I left for St Louis to meet up with Shane to do a little paddling, little did I know a couple days before I left Shane told me I would be able to take Makuahine’ on the paddle. I… Continue Reading →

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