Along with the addiction of paddling comes the addiction of “How much crap can I put on my roof”. It became an addiction shortly after I installed my base system on my Tahoe. It looked sporty, it carried my wife and I’s boats and it gave me the ability to keep my boat on my roof all the time. The reason I carry my kayak or paddle board with me all the time is that if I see a body of water that looks like it needs a good paddle I park and throw my boat or board in. This system worked well for me until I started looking at all the other fun stuff I could throw up on my roof.

The start of an addiction

The start of an addiction

With this addiction comes “wanting more” I wanted to get out more, explore more and try keep all my “toys” with me at all times. It was not much longer when I decided to get into paddle boarding which was started by my friend Shane which also sparked Yakima makes some great paddleboarding accessories to attach to the base system. Everything from simple round bar pads to the super awesome SUP Dawg which even has locking straps and a load assist wheel on each pad for those larger boards.


Even though water sports is in my blood I have started to dabble in the world of mountain biking. I can’t even remotely say that I am any good at it, nor am I fit enough to hang with folks that spend every day riding trails but it gives me a chance to take my adventure a little further. Like I said above, I like to have all my outdoor toys with me at all times. Now, with the addition of a bike to the rack system I have found that even though I like to try to fit as much as I can on my roof, sometimes it’s just impossible. Enter the “Rack and Roll” trailer from Yakima, a 160lb extension of my truck. This all aluminum feller gives me more space to haul more toys to make adventures more enjoyable.

What makes the Rack and Roll so nice is that all of your Yakima accessories clamp or mount directly to the cross bar system on the trailer with no modifications, it’s like a roof with wheels. Being pulled behind my Tahoe you have to be careful to notice that the trailer is still there. The Rack and Roll is so light weight that you can even use it as a cart to wheel all your gear into the shed or garage.

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