shane perrin

Shane Perrin, our founder and professional Stand-Up Paddleboarder

My passion is racing ultra distance races on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) to show it can be done but also for the personal challenge. I love being on the water and teaching stand up to anyone interested. Ultimately, I truly have found my passion through stand up where it brings me new connections through people I meet on each adventure.

First and foremost a family man, when Shane is not spending time with his loving wife and children, he approaches the sport with like passion and dedication.

– As the founder of SUP St. Louis, he is committed to sharing the joy of the sport with you.

– As a professional athlete, Shane is literally and figuratively making waves in the paddling community. He is the first racer to SUP in numerous events, some of which will soon be adding a SUP class as a result. The only athlete of his brand to compete in endurance races, highlights include:

  • The MR340 – KC to StL, 340 miles across the state down the Missouri river
  • La Ruta Maya Belize – A 179 mile race in the heat of the tropics
  • The Texas Water Safari – The world’s toughest canoe race, over 260 miles with grueling conditions

In most cases, fans and other athletes maintain their doubts upon seeing a SUP enter such a race. Yet time and again, #1115 proves that it can be done, showing the field the consummate professional he is.

Accomplishments :

-24 hour flatwater SUP distance World Record Holder
-1st to SUP St. john and St Thomas USVI continuously (71 miles)
-1st to SUP the Florida Everglades challenge (300 miles)
-1st to SUP the Texas Water Safari (260 miles)
-1st to SUP the La Ruta Maya Belize (179 miles)
-1st to SUP the Mr340 (340 miles)