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Throw things at them and bring explosives and they will listen…. I hope

Okay, Maybe not real explosives but, the Ozark Middle School outdoors class received a lesson on how inflatable PFD’S work, as well as a few other things. Before summer started Diane Luttrell, Ozark Middle School PE, Health, and Outdoor teacher… Continue Reading →

River Jam 2017

The 2017 River Jam at Finley River park in Ozark Missouri has come and gone and I think it was a success. The day was clear and sunny and even though it was a bit on the warm side an… Continue Reading →

Life’s Good & I love my job

  Few people are lucky enough to say they “Truly Love Thier Job”, some folks may like what they do, but they would not say it is their dream job and some people just dread getting up in the morning… Continue Reading →

Rack Envy “Yakima Racks” Part 1

Along with the addiction of paddling comes the addiction of “How much crap can I put on my roof”. It became an addiction shortly after I installed my base system on my Tahoe. It looked sporty, it carried my wife… Continue Reading →

No Paddling, No Adventures Just Grandpa and Grandma’s

As much as I love to paddle and work in the paddling industry I am not on the water all day every day. Sometimes I am just around it. Southern Missouri and Arkansas have their share of beautiful rivers, some… Continue Reading →

Website work, insomnia and why I love my job.

Website: Have you ever had a million thoughts rolling through your head and you want to put them all down on paper, or in my case a website. I own what I think is a pretty decent website that is… Continue Reading →

Big Springs & Alley Springs, Mark Twain National Forest

  I have been blessed to have a job where I get to see some pretty cool places. When I am out of town obtaining new customers and calling on existing I prefer to camp when its an over night… Continue Reading →

Firecracker Race – The Mississippi Challenge

  Any paddler using a double bladed kayak paddle is considered a kayak racer (this includes the use of outrigger style craft or canoe/kayak hybrids vessels). Paddlers using a single blade canoe paddle are considered a canoe racer (this includes… Continue Reading →

Second trip, gonna be epic

Well, a couple things are happening, one I am headed to do some paddling with Shane in STL Thursday and two, I am down about 12 pounds and one waist size. I am starting to feel better with every passing… Continue Reading →

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