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Mississippi River

A Stand Up guy, that sit’s down – Michael Anderson’s Source to Sea

I was scrolling through Facebook one night and through the seemingly endless sea of political shit and countless pyramid scheme companies, I stopped at one of the groups I can always rely on to be refreshing, A river group. The… Continue Reading →

It all started with foam and ended with foam

As a kid growing up in a river town you can automatically assume that the river would run through his blood. This happens to be the case for me. Since I was a baby, my summer weekends consisted of boat… Continue Reading →

No Paddling, No Adventures Just Grandpa and Grandma’s

As much as I love to paddle and work in the paddling industry I am not on the water all day every day. Sometimes I am just around it. Southern Missouri and Arkansas have their share of beautiful rivers, some… Continue Reading →

Firecracker Race – The Mississippi Challenge

  Any paddler using a double bladed kayak paddle is considered a kayak racer (this includes the use of outrigger style craft or canoe/kayak hybrids vessels). Paddlers using a single blade canoe paddle are considered a canoe racer (this includes… Continue Reading →

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