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Throw things at them and bring explosives and they will listen…. I hope

Okay, Maybe not real explosives but, the Ozark Middle School outdoors class received a lesson on how inflatable PFD’S work, as well as a few other things. Before summer started Diane Luttrell, Ozark Middle School PE, Health, and Outdoor teacher… Continue Reading →

Klondike to Finish Line – MR 340 Part 3

Between Hermann and Washington, I was the weak link, I had to lay down and take a rest. Although I trained for a year and lost all this weight, I was nowhere near that shape everyone else was. My body… Continue Reading →

River Jam 2017

The 2017 River Jam at Finley River park in Ozark Missouri has come and gone and I think it was a success. The day was clear and sunny and even though it was a bit on the warm side an… Continue Reading →

After Work SUP in the Ozarks

You can read hundreds of blog posts, books, and magazines about how beautiful the Ozarks is, and this is pretty much¬†another one of them. For some of us, we eat, breathe, and sleep the rivers that the Ozark Mountains has… Continue Reading →

First Time Kayaker

There are few things in the paddling world that out-weigh everything else in this lifestyle, not much, but some. For some, it’s the person who has never sat in a kayak and when they finally did they fell in love… Continue Reading →

Rack Envy “Yakima Racks” Part 1

Along with the addiction of paddling comes the addiction of “How much crap can I put on my roof”. It became an addiction shortly after I installed my base system on my Tahoe. It looked sporty, it carried my wife… Continue Reading →

Wenonah “Aurora” Canoe Part 1.

Ok, so I am shying away from SUP for those of you that might want “Options” when it come’s to paddling. For example, I like to have choices when it comes to what I paddle, does this sound “snobbish” maybe,… Continue Reading →

Aqua Bound Paddles

Ok, this may sound like a “sell out” type post or a sponsored post but it’s not, it’s a fell in love type post. When I got into paddling heavy I realized how important having a proper paddle is. When… Continue Reading →

Website work, insomnia and why I love my job.

Website: Have you ever had a million thoughts rolling through your head and you want to put them all down on paper, or in my case a website. I own what I think is a pretty decent website that is… Continue Reading →

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