575145_10201617133700539_470454011_nI do not like to wear pant’s and thats just how I am. All my life I have been on, in or around water and it has consumed my life. When I was little I would be putting around in my Jon Boat on the Mississippi River. But, there has been one thing that has always been a struggle for me, my weight. I have always loved food and I have never been motivated enough to get into shape. I have always been active and enjoyed the outdoors and I have been lucky enough to hate video games. I always thought that nature was the best video game of all and it is ever changing. But my weight seems to be the “Game Over” of everything I want to do outdoors. In the past few years I have turned the sport of kayaking into an addiction but, even in this addiction I have limitations. I am to big for a touring kayak and I would really love to explore coastal regions in a sea kayak. I want to get into whitewater kayaking but I can’t even fit into the damn openings of the cockpits of any whitewater boat “believe me it’s on video”. So I have been stuck with fishing kayaks and larger recreational kayaks, which are amazing but it limits me to what type of water I can play on.

So one night I was chatting with my friend Shane and he told me that he was going to be building his own brand of Stand Up Paddleboard and he would like to build me a board that was specific to my weight and ability “I am new to the SUP world” so this is where Makuahine’ comes into play. This board is going to be large yet fast “I hope” and this adventure that I am about to embark on is in memory of my mother who passed away suddenly in December of 2015. When she passed a voice in my head told me I need to “get off my ass and change my life”, get healthy and have fun doing it. We are naming this board Makuahine’ which means “Mother” in Hawaiian. To us it has two meanings one, this board will be special to me because it is going to change my life and build a friendship stronger than it already is with Shane and that would make my mom proud. Two, it’s going to be “The Mother of all Paddleboards”.

Some idea’s came about on trying to travel throughout the country and set up clinics to show people that it does not matter how big you are, how unsure you are about SUP “Stand Up Paddleboarding” or even if you think you can’t do it. We will prove you wrong and you will have fun being proven wrong. Shane is the type of person that takes no or “can’t” for an answer and this attitude has inspired me to let him kick the ever loving crap out of me to get me proficient at SUP. It is now a passion to pursue this adventure and it is all I think about every day. It has also shown me how blessed I am that there is a person who is willing to go on this adventure with me. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am that Shane came into my life. My wife is pretty thankful to.

So about the “no pants” thing. I live my life like an island boy, I wear shorts in the winter, to weddings “Shut up they are my good shorts” and to everything in between. I enjoy Troprock music, boating and of course paddling. My wife and I’s dream is to move to southern Florida where I can teach and live the SUP and Yak life 12 months a year…….. With no pants, shorts only. I live the river, lake and salt life so much that I sell Kayaks for a living, I wake up and sell kayaks, I get off work, I go kayaking and now I am going to be living the SUP life and I would like you folks to follow me as I document every step of the way in my life changing adventure.