Well, it’s 12:27 am on Oct 4th, 2018, I am 37 years old and now what. No, 37 is not a milestone age, it’s just the mid range of your upper 30’s, nothing special. At this age I have finally found out what I want to do with my life. Most of my friends have been set in their careers for probably 10 years or more. I was never the college type, I know it would have helped in me moving a little further in career choices and income but it just was not for me. I just wanted to work and make a living and in my 20’s, party and do float trips and get as shitfaced as possible. This was essentially my college, I learned that partying every day made you broke, hurting “hungover” and you wasted half the days sleeping. Now, I have always DJed so some work was late night work but it was still partying. This however, was not getting me anywhere in life. As my twenties came to an end I met Nicole and my life changed. After dating her for a few years I decided to ask her to marry me. This is something I thought I would never do, yes, ADULTING. But something happened, I looked at life differently, I got to wake up every day to someone in my life that I cared for, it gave me a reason to do better in my life. Having a partner and best friend in my life gave me a reason to enjoy some of the crazy things I liked to do but with a little more moderation. I’m not going to lie, our first couple of years we liked to party together and it was the time of my life being able to have someone with me to party with. After a couple of years we somehow turned old, we found that going to bars every night or every weekend was just not as fun anymore. During the summer we would spend every single weekend at the lake and in the winter we would spend our nights cuddled up and watching shows and movies. Today we took it up a notch, dumped the big 30ft boat and we grab our kayak and paddleboard and take the van and spend a weekend at a campground, or with my paddling friends sometimes a parking lot in the state capital.

Fast Forward to present day, we are pretty much an outdoors couple doing float trips and camping trips just to enjoy our local parks and rivers. Camping is cheap, and it gives you a day or two away from the couch and house. Most of the time it is meeting up with our crazy paddling family. This is the family that essentially saved my life.

You can read on Two Board Dudes that SUP saved my life, gave me a healthier lifestyle and brought me out of depression. After losing my mother 3 years ago my whole life changed and most of it for the better. I realized after seeing my mother work 90 hours a week literally killed her I promised myself that I will work my ass off to provide for my wife and make a modest living. I thought, you know, my mother woke up one day, had a headache and boom collapsed and pretty much died on the spot. In my eyes, you can work your ass off but if you don’t give yourself some time away from work it will start to make you unhealthy and eventually death. So, I thought, what if I tried to start a career where I can make a living doing what I would normally do on the weekends but just do it 40 or 50 hours a week. After Shane Perrin got me into Stand up Paddleboarding I quickly knew I wanted to teach other people this strange new paddlesport. So we opened Show me SUP Paddleboard rentals and lessons. This year was our first year and honestly, this has been the most financially difficult year I have ever had in my life. Starting a new business in an industry that it still fairly new in this area is pretty hard and we knew it would be. When I feel down about how our first year went I try to think to myself that this is only the first year and SUP is exploding and if I can keep working at it I will be able to be right in the middle of the explosion. I have never wanted to be rich honestly. I just want to make a modest living and be able to take some adventures with my best friend, my wife. I know with some patience it will happen. And at 37 years old I still have plenty of time to make this business work.

My goals to teach people like me that they can SUP is the main focus in my personal part of the business. I want to give to people what Shane Perrin gave to me, a mentor and friend. This had already panned out for me, I have a couple clients that have become friends and I have been able to help them gain confidence on a paddleboard and finally enjoy the river or waters we paddle. I was able to put a young man bound to a wheelchair on a paddleboard. Things like this is what has given me my direction in life as I start my 37th trip around the sun.

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