Who knew that when Shane and I started this whole adventure it would end up as a fun yet dis-functional family. Since I took part in ground crewing for him in the MR340 we have grown to a close knit river family that only a few morbid brained people could write a book about. The bond that was formed is unbreakable, the fun we have when we can get together is not really normal. Picture 6 brothers and one sister and what the sister has to put up with is more than most people could handle.






Shane “Taco” Perrin – St Louis –  Shane is sort of responsible for this little family and the Two Board Dudes adventure. Shane has dedicated his life to spread the sport of SUP around the world. An ultra distance paddler, he was the first person to compete in the MR340 “Paddle Race from KC to St Louis on the Missouri River” . He has SUP’d through part of the virgin islands and holds 2 unofficial 24 hour world records. Shane, along with Jaden Hartley were the first two people to ever “Pedal” Hobie’s new Eclipse pedal boards 24 hours straight. Shane is a devoted father and husband and also dedicates the remaining parts of his life to helping others achieve their goals through SUP and pure motivation. He is also the owner of SUP St Louis, a SUP rental company teaching lessons, SUP Yoga and safety on the water. His growing company gives him the platform to show the world no matter where you are you can SUP, even in the Midwest.

The of course there is me, TJ Holman. Thanks to Shane he has set me on a path to a healthier life. He is currently building me a custom paddleboard that will help me achieve my goal of becoming a distance paddler. I spend almost everyday in or on the water. I work for Ozark Mountain Trading Company as a Fleet and Outside Sales Manager. I have been given the opportunity to travel around Missouri and Arkansas selling happiness in the form of kayaks, canoes and Stand Up Paddle Boards. I am currently getting ready to start training for the 2017 MR 340 as part of a 8 man cat style SUP board.







Brenda – Kansas City – Kind of the unofficial “Mom” of the group, or as she would probably say “Babysitter”. Brenda’s love of paddling, dogs and life is why she is a good fit to this motley crew. When most of the ground crew is resting she is up waiting for our paddlers to get to shore safe and makes sure that they are taken care. If she could she would spend 24/7 on or around the water which is why she never misses a chance to crew a race and this year compete in a race. We have not figured out how she is going to crew AND race at the same time but she has until August of 17′ to figure it out.







Ron “Kitchen Bitch” Abel – Wisconsin – Ron also spends his life on or around the water. He lives for fishing and has caught the bug of paddling. It’s reported that Ron is going to try the MR 340 in 2018 once he becomes an avid paddler. This is of course, if we can get him on the ice, or those boats with motors. Ron is a major part of the ground crew team keeping all of us fed and ready for the next legs of races and record attempts.  He is currently trying to get all of us to come up north in the winter to sit in a hut on the ice to try and catch fish. We keep telling him you can’t paddle on ice but he won’t listen.



Chip Walter – Florida – Chip is also a pro Paddleboarder who spends his days paddling the beautiful southern Florida waters and Keys. Chip also has a daughter who he has taught to be a MACHINE on the water winning SUP races and proving that this sports is truly for everyone. Chip will also be competing once again in the 2017 MR 340 race as well as his many other races he competes in through out the year.



Phil Rodway – St Louis – Pro Paddler










Jerico Lefort – Columbia Missouri – Jerico is a veteran to the MR340 scene, with 5 attempts, Jerico finally crossed the finish line in 2016, but not in his traditional “Pedal” driven boat, he finished on GreyStroke the 4 man SUP board Shane built for the race in 16′ . Currently Jerico is building a traditional “dugout” style canoe. Him and his lab Buster live for making people smile.