It’s odd really, back in the day you would see surfers pulling up to the beach in station wagons, trucks and VANS. But, you would probably not think something like that would happen in a state like, oh, say, MISSOURI ! ! ! But, on May 18th that very thing is going to happen. Gnomad Home & Van Life Diaries have decided to throw a Missouri van life meet-up. Now, you don’t need a van to attend, just a cool attitude and a love for the river and woods. Shane Perrin of SUP St Louis will be providing paddleboards for folks to use to explore the beautiful Piney River. Show Me SUP will be bringing the Gumbo and there will be various other vendors, musicians and awesome people there. This might not be a Show Me SUP event but, we want to show all the van lifers, and folks that live more with less that Missouri will be a stop for them to remember. I personally look forward to meeting some of the folks I have followed on YouTube and learned so much about van building from. It’s incredible to see all the different layouts, materials and ways that people make a simple van into a home. Some vans are just pure artwork.
This event welcomes everyone, not just folks with a van, if you have a hammock, station wagon or even a Prius you are all welcome to attend. This event is about meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and enjoying a laid-back weekend of fun.
Some folks that Show Me SUP would like to thank:
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