Well, I finally entered, I entered the MR340. This is a little scary and exciting all at the same time. Being one of the world’s longest paddle races and I am not one of the world’s best athletes, but somehow both are going to meet in August. In the past few year’s I have caught the bug to want to do this race whether I finished or not. But, now I have come to the conclusion that I AM going to finish this race and do it with a smile, a smile of “I told you so”. Over the past few month’s I have told people that I am planning to do this race, and do it on a Stand Up Paddle board like the world has ever seen, well, at least with a motley crew the world had never seen. But, some people seem to have some doubts about me finishing the race, they seriously look at me and in the shape’ I am in and instantly think that I will not last the whole race. Now, in the past few day’s all these doubts have turned into fuel, fuel for the fire lit under my ass to prove people wrong. For once in my life I have entered something that I plan to finish. Am I going to be some thin, lean, cut SUP god after the race or even before, NO!!! I will still be the big and burly bearded guy that you have been reading about on here. Will I be in much better shape than I am in now, YES ! ! ! !. My will to finish this race with my good friend Shane is above anything else I have wanted to do with my life. Am I making a living by entering this race, no, hell it cost me 200.00, will it make me famous, NO!, will it pan out to a career, No! its just a race, but it is something that money or fame can never give me, a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of pride and a drive to do it again and enter more races. There are not many ultra distance SUP paddlers in this world, but the sport is growing and with good reason, It’s fun! The world you see when standing up and paddling down a river is unlike the world you see when your down in a kayak. You stand and turn around and see the world you left behind and turn back and see the world that is still in front of you and all you want to do is reach out and take another paddle stroke into this world. The ease being able to stop at a lake or a river, hop out and grab your paddle and your board and within seconds you are standing in a world that let’s all your stress, release. This is what I want and this is what is driving me to become an ultra distance SUP paddler, and anyone who doubts that I can become this person, keep them coming I need all the fuel I can get.

With the one of a kind board that Shane Perrin built for me this will allow me to strength train and move into touring boards which are much faster and less stable. This is needed to cover long distances. Even though Makuahine’ is a big beast of a board, she still has some giddy up. This is going to be THE Board I take on those long, fun lazy trips where I can carry a lot of gear but in the mean time I use it to strength train and get on the water standing.  Shane has the faith in me to become this ultra distance paddler that I want to me. He is helping me to see the world while standing and being able to look around more.

A little bit of extra help came in the form of my paddle. Aqua-Bound sent me a brand new design and one of the lightest paddles they make, The Malta. A board won’t move without a means to move it and they sure as hell sent me a powerhouse of a paddle. It feels really good knowing that a U.S. company has the faith that I will be able to finish this race and many more. This is not a cheesy plug for them either. The folks at Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches love success and they seem to know that the challenge in front of me will be a success and for that, I am honored.

I know some of my posts are pretty quirky or short, hell some of them are just me rambling, but I felt the need to tell the world that the drive you see in me now will be at that finish line in August.

Now, back to your regularly somewhat scheduled blog posts about funny stuff and nature stuff.

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