Ok, so I am shying away from SUP for those of you that might want “Options” when it come’s to paddling. For example, I like to have choices when it comes to what I paddle, does this sound “snobbish” maybe, but to be honest paddling is an addiction that is healthy and healthy for the soul. There is something to be said about having a Paddle, a Boat and a beautiful river to enjoy, even on a cool fall day.

This Saturday I took a new boat out for a little relaxation, The Wenonah Aurora Canoe. This canoe is a joy to paddle, very forgiving and super stable. I took it out “solo” by sitting reverse in the front seat and filling a 40L dry bag with water and putting it in the front “back”. This 50 or so pounds of weight balanced the boat out very well even on a windy Saturday. The Aurora is so light that with every stroke of the paddle it shot ahead with little effort. The “Tuf-weave , flex-core haul allows for this 16 foot boat to only weight around 55 pounds.



Well, it’s a canoe they are typically less stable then a kayak however, the Aurora was a pretty solid boat. I was able to stand comfortably without the fear of falling in. It was a windy day and I did notice a little bow blow but the boat is so light it was easy to correct. Being that it’s so light I was able to make way into the wind with ease. Even though I did not have any gear with me it would not worry me to load it down with a couple days worth of gear.



Basic but beautiful wood and nylon webbed seats in the front and back sit you a little lower in the boat giving you a little more of an enclosed feel. They would not be very forgiving after about 5 or 6 hours of sitting but they are perfect for a couple hours of cruising. You can obviously add back rests and cushioned seats as an aftermarket add on. On the other side of the comfort scale the paddling was also a breeze, like I said before the canoe is so light it glides effortlessly through the water and with some pretty impressive speed. I did use my kayak paddle to head into the wind but I used a shorter shaft canoe paddle to explore the wooded marshes.



16′ 0″  (487.68cm
Gunwale Width
35″  (88.9cm)
Maximum Width
36″  (91.44cm)
Waterline Width
35.5″  (90.17cm)
Stern Depth
18″  (45.72cm)
Center Depth
14″  (35.56cm)
Bow Depth
21″  (53.34cm)
1.5″  (3.81cm)



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